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Q: What Does The Central Office Do ?

The Greater Pittsburgh Area Central Office serves you, the AA member, and AA groups in
the greater Pittsburgh area and Southwestern PA.  Below is just some of the services the
Central Office provides:
   • Answers inquiries from those seeking help, such as suffering alcoholics, sober
alcoholics, groups, professionals and the general public.
   • Receives, arranges and follows up on 12-step calls.
   • Coordinate activities involving AA members, AA groups and outside institutions.
   • Sells General Conference approved literature and other AA material, Grapevine
literature and sells it at cost.
   • Distributes a monthly newsletter which includes group announcements,
anniversaries and Area/District activities.
   • Maintains the Greater Pittsburgh AA website. (www.pghaa.org)
   • Sponsors the 24 Hour Christmas Party, the Pittsburgh Area AA Banquet and
sponsors and funds the Annual Metropolitan Meeting.

2014 Central Office Statistics:
   • Distributed over 18,000 meeting lists.
   • Answered over 8,433 phone calls.
   • Referred over 135 12-Step calls to AA members.
   • Referred over 730 calls to Intergroup members after office hours.
   • Mailed over 793 free pamphlets and meeting lists to interested parties and
potential AA members.

The Central Office works in conjunction with the 560 AA groups serving the collective
needs of Pittsburgh Area and Southwestern PA Alcoholics Anonymous.  The Central Office
operates financially on the voluntary contributions of AA members and groups.

Ways you can support the Central Office:
   • Send individual contributions.
   • Ask your homegroup's treasurer to make donations for your group.